Managed WordPress Hosting Premium

Elevate Your Website with Top-of-the-Line Managed WordPress Hosting Premium

Welcome to Aeronautic Vigilante, where excellence in WordPress design and web hosting meets its zenith. If you’re seeking a hosting solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, our Top-of-the-Line Managed WordPress Hosting Premium is your ultimate choice. Designed to offer unmatched features and benefits, this hosting package is the pinnacle of performance and reliability.

Unleash Your Creativity with Limitless Resources

Imagine a hosting solution where your online portfolio, services, music, and artwork can thrive without limits. With Aeronautic Vigilante’s Top-of-the-Line Managed WordPress Hosting Premium, your potential knows no bounds. You’ll enjoy unlimited server space, email accounts, bandwidth, and databases. No more worrying about storage or data transfer constraints – your creative journey is free to soar.

Enhanced Security and Trust with FREE SSL

Security is paramount in today’s digital landscape, especially if you’re selling services or showcasing your talents. Our hosting package includes a FREE 256-bit SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt with every plan. Your website and your visitors’ data remain secure and encrypted, establishing trust in your online presence.

Unwavering Reliability with Daily Monitoring

Downtime is not an option when you aim for excellence. Our Top-of-the-Line Managed WordPress Hosting Premium goes above and beyond with daily uptime monitoring, ensuring that your website consistently operates at peak performance. We also provide daily theme and plugin monitoring, alongside timely notifications of updates and fixes, all expertly handled by our dedicated team.

Fortified Data Security with Extended Backups

Your data is priceless, and we treat it as such. Our hosting package includes daily backups to the server, ensuring the protection and accessibility of your content. But we don’t stop there – we take data security to new heights by offering backups to Backblaze B2, a highly secure cloud storage solution. With up to 7 of your most recent backups stored, your peace of mind is guaranteed.

A Comprehensive Hosting Package

Our Top-of-the-Line Managed WordPress Hosting Premium is more than just hosting – it’s a complete digital empowerment solution:

  • FREE Domain: Embark on your online journey with a complimentary domain for your website.
  • Robust Features: Benefit from a comprehensive toolkit, including cPanel Control Panel & Optimization, Softaculous Auto Installer, firewall & DDoS protection, malware scanning & removal, LiteSpeed Cache Manager, CloudFlare Global Cloud CDN, and automated daily cPanel backups.
  • Responsive Support: Our round-the-clock server monitoring ensures swift issue resolution. Should you ever require assistance, our technical support team is at your service, ready to assist you via tickets.
  • FREE Updates & Fixes: With our Managed WordPress Hosting Premium package you’ll have peace of mind to know that all site updates are tested and installed for you, as well as, free fixes to your WordPress website if any technical error should happen.

Achieve digital excellence with Aeronautic Vigilante’s Top-of-the-Line Managed WordPress Hosting Premium. Whether you’re an artist, entrepreneur, or creative professional, our hosting services are designed to empower your online journey. Unlock your potential and secure your website today. Sign up now to experience hosting at its best!

Starting at $500 / year

*includes domain name
*or pay as you go for $50 / month