Network Infrastructure

The best infrastructure in the world won’t do you any good if you can’t get to it and that comes down to having a quality network connection. Ask potential managed hosting providers how their facilities are connected to the Internet. Ideally they will have multiple high-speed connections, following diverse paths, to providers that are high up on the Internet food chain. Connections to Tier 1 Internet service providers are ideal. The number of peering relationships the provider has with other network providers is another important consideration. Peering is a practice where network providers give each other access to their respective networks to ferry traffic, rather than each paying for the distance it travels on another’s network. More peering agreements extends a provider’s reach, improves performance by providing multiple routes for traffic, and reduces costs.

State-of-the-Art Data Center
All clients’ web sites will have the chance to be hosted on our co-located servers in random datacenters. This datacenter’s network is linked to important upstream suppliers that connect to hundreds of exchange partners which assures a constant Internet connection and superior routing. Along with its strategic location it has protection against variety of intrusions – redundant power supply, modern air conditioning system, fire protection system and round-the-clock network monitoring.

Network Architecture

  • Based on industry-leading Juniper core routers and Cisco equipment specifically designed for the needs of Tier 1 “carrier-class” customers
  • OC-48/OC-192 backbone trunks, supporting MPLS protocol
  • AS3561 is consistently rated over time as having the lowest latency, lowest packet loss, and highest reliability
  • SAVVIS firmly segregates Layer-2 (transmission) and Layer-3 (routing)
  • Layer-2 is ATM-based for traffic management
  • Core network is designed for ‘zero’ packet loss
  • SAVVIS is moving to more efficient MPLS Layer 2 protocol

Internet Service Providers

  • 2 Gbps Direct Fiber > Level 3 AS3356
  • 2 Gbps Direct Fiber > Savvis AS3561
  • 2 Gbps Direct Fiber > Sprint AS1239
  • 2 Gbps Direct Fiber > Time Warner AS4323
  • 2 Gbps Direct Fiber > Broadwing AS16852

Clustered Hosting Platform
Our clustered web hosting platform has been build throughout the years with many efforts and based on the experience we gained every hour and every day while supporting and maintaining the engine. We are proud that the web hosting platform we run is entirely designed, build and developed in-house by our dedicated team. We rely on separating the load on single clustered machines to achieve better and unparalleled performance.

24×7 Data Center Monitoring
Our web hosting platform (all servers) is monitored by highly trained and experienced professional technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team of highly qualified professional technicians cover the full spectrum of problems spotted and act in the most effective way to minimize down time or service failures.

Server Hardware
We operate more than 150 servers. Machine parameters are: Intel Core-i7/Xeon, RAM memory: 8~32 GB, Hard Drive: 4x2TB GB SATA-II Enterprise, Operation system runs on: CentOS Linux (With latest Kernel). Servers are clustered to spread the load in a special way to sustain tremendous burden. Data centers are equipped with a wide range of security, power management, cooling and network access equipment. Biometric sensors, security cameras and secure access are the first items encountered on-site. In addition to thousands of servers, power regulation systems, diesel generators and air conditioning systems, they are controlled and managed by support team of IT experts.

Technology You Can Count On
Our top-notch development team is continuously upgrading our systems with the latest technology, creating new tools and features to make your web presence as easily maintained and reliable as possible. Our State-of-the-art operation centers are equipped with systems to maximize reliability and security, and to ensure your site is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and support for most popular technologies are included with all packages. We have a outstanding reputation in the hosting industry and we plan on keeping it that way. Our servers are some of the most reliable in the industry and monitored 24 hours 7 days a week.